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TMJ/ TMD Treatment

When you wake up in the morning, is your jaw aching? Do you find it hard to open or close your mouth, especially when you first get up? Do you find that your teeth are sensitive or getting worn down? Does your jaw click or pop when you open your mouth? If so, you may have problems with your TMJ. Many people say they have “TMJ”, meaning problems with their TMJ. Actually, TMJ just stands for the name of your jawbone: Temporal-mandibular joint.

At Dana Park Dental, our well-trained, friendly team are concerned for you and want you to be in the best of health. This is why we offer TMJ treatment.

Patients who are looking for TMJ relief have TMJ problems that usually fall into two categories:

  • One is pain in your TMJ (your jaw) and requires TMJ relief through TMJ treatment. The problem is while you are sleeping, you are clenching your jaw up and down and this not only makes your jaw start to hurt, it can cause other issues, such as the inability to open or shut your mouth at all. Many of our patients come to us for TMJ relief because they have headaches or migraines, pain in their shoulders or upper back, or pain in their neck or under their ears.
  • The other reason many of our patients come to us for TMJ relief is that their teeth are being worn down or sensitive, especially if they eat or drink hot or cold foods or beverages. This is often due to grinding of the teeth, which results in them becoming very worn, brittle or sensitive. Many times, our patients come in for another dental problem, such as a cavity.  After speaking with the patient, we are able to recognize that they need TMJ relief.

TMJ treatment may sound complicated, but for many TMJ cases,Dana Park Dental offers a system that is not only simple to use and quite affordable but can also be very effective. For simple TMJ treatment we offer a nightguard appliance. It is quite similar to the mouth guard that athletes wear when they play sports and is worn primarily at night during sleep.

TMJ treatment appliances through Dana Park Dental are custom-made, dental appliances. These TMJ treatment oral appliances are an alternative to other more invasive treatments such as restorations and orthodontics, which can help by realigning the jaw and bite to reduce the problems associated with TMJ.  Professional oral appliances from Dana Park Dental can offer TMJ relief to TMJ sufferers far more effectively than those purchased over-the-counter.

Over-the-counter TMJ treatment appliances do not work as well because they cannot mimic a proper bite for any one person. Over-the-counter options may even aggravate the TMJ pain.  Each individual is different, and everyone has a different bite. In order for a TMJ treatment appliance to be effective for TMJ relief, it must be professionally custom-made to each individual patient to provide the best results and treatment.

Dana Park Dental prides themselves in utilizing only the finest of labs, technology and appliances available for treatment of TMJ.   For TMJ relief with excellent TMJ treatment, call today!

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